Mid-MO Recycling specializes in recycling out of date or inoperable electronics equipment including computers, monitors, keyboards, fax machines, mice, printers, telephone systems, main frame computer boards, wire and aluminum.

We’ll pick up your exhausted electronics equipment and recycle it in an environmentally friendly manner. Materials from your electronics equipment are processed in our facility and sent out to be re-used in a new product. This process helps avoid landfill dumping and it allows for responsible resource management.


Mid-MO Recycling now has a a portable hard drive destroyer and is registered with the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Recycled keyboard recycling electronic junk recycling electronic junk recycling electronic junk

Where To Recycle

mobile phones and electronics

Items can be dropped off at our Columbia, Missouri location at 6104 Brown Station Road, or we can pick up from a company or school.

Items that can be re-used are sold wholesale to local computer stores or given to non-profit organizations such as Boys &Girls Club, smaller schools, & churches.

Non-reusable items are de-manufactured; they are parted out and placed in boxes to be sold.
We recycle all items including screws, plastic, paper and cardboard.

No computer items are landfilled. Items not processed at our facility are sent to DCAL Service LLC in St. Louis, MO. These items include: monitors, televisions, some printers and plastic.

About Mid-Mo Recycling

Mobile phone recycling

Mid-Mo Recycling was established in 2001 and is a State of Missouri, DNR Level 1 Recycling Center.

Mid-MO Recycling was part of DNR’s E-Scrap Stakeholder workgroup which started in February 2006. This group was put in place as a framework for disposing, reusing and recycling e-scrap in Missouri in an economical, sustaining fashion without threatening the environment. Mid-MO Recycling has adopted the Missouri E-Cycle standards, also known as MOEST and at this time is a level one recycling center as outlined by the Department of Natural Resources.

Mid-MO Recycling has worked with the MMSWMD on an E-Waste recycling event in Cole County in 2007 and continues those collections in 2008 at various locations that the Solid Waste District Serves. This event proved to be a great success and ran very smoothly. cell phones

Stanley W. Fredrick, President
6104 Brown Station Road
Columbia, MO 65202
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(573) 474-3997
(573) 474-5688 (fax)
Established in 2001.